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Retaining Walls - Hicksville, NY

Powerhouse Mason Supply is the premier supplier of premium quality yet competitively priced materials for various retaining wall projects. Our company has helped hundreds of DIY homeowners, engineers, contractors, and landscapers create retaining walls that are sturdy, functional, and attractive. Throughout the years, we have cemented our reputation as a reliable masonry supplier in the cities of Hicksville, Great Neck, Port Washington, and Roslyn. We can supply any volume and deliver orders to our clients’ locations for free, depending on certain terms.

Our Reputable Partner Suppliers

We maintain a steady partnership with some of the most reputable suppliers of high-grade retaining wall blocks. With their help, we’re able to satisfy our clients’ requests for small and large volume orders of prime retaining wall materials. With a wide range of design options, clients can easily achieve the theme or design that they want for their property.

Some of our partners include:

  • Nicolock. Nicolock’s retaining wall blocks are coveted for their strength, beauty, and a wide range of available design options. Most of our Hicksville clients choose this brand because of its Toscana-antiqued wall. It offers a breathtaking peek into the world-famous Tuscan region of Italy. The company has other great products, so you will surely find one that best satisfies your specific needs.

  • Cambridge. Cambridge retaining wall product lines offer contractors and DIY homeowners with exciting choices. Their Olde English and Ledgestone walls are ideal for those who want the finest materials possible for their retaining walls.

  • Liberty Stone. The wall products of Liberty Stone are some of the finest in the industry. Their Stone Vista and Mira Stone are two of the best-selling retaining wall product lines, and we offer them in different volumes at very affordable prices.

  • Bradstone. Bradstone’s Madoc and Mountain Block wall products are guaranteed to exude timeless appeal that will make your outdoor stand out effortlessly.

We also offer various natural stone wall products, such as American and Corinthian granite that are sure to transform your landscape into a mesmerizing spot. You can see these retaining walls in some of our projects in Hicksville, NY.

Important Retaining Wall Functions

Retaining walls play an important role in many properties, especially those with uneven slopes or hilly areas. These outdoor features primarily serve as deterrent to landslides by effectively holding loose soil back. In certain locations, a retaining wall can turn unused and barren spots into functional areas. A properly built retaining wall can also serve as an interesting focal point that is visually appealing.

When built by professionals, retaining walls can last for decades without ever needing a major repair. They will also retain their beauty and will require very minimal maintenance efforts on your part. In the long run, you’ll be amazed at the huge savings that you can have.

Offers Complete Retaining Wall Materials

Powerhouse Mason Supply is the only dealer in New York with comprehensive masonry product lines. We enjoy our clients’ overwhelming trust and approval of the premium quality retaining wall materials that we have been supplying them for decades. Throughout the years, we have successfully made a name in the industry as a reliable supplier of high-quality and affordable retaining wall blocks from the best manufacturers.

If you wish to know more about the various masonry and landscaping supplies that we offer, please do call us at (516) 621-0096.