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Nicolock Wallstone


Aside from premium paver products, Nicolock also offers high-quality materials for garden walls and retaining walls. Nicolock’s wall systems are known to be very versatile materials since they are also used in other applications. Additionally, they come in popular colors that allow landscaping contractors and masons to come up with decorative outdoor features. Best of all, their products are guaranteed sturdy and can last for decades. This means that they can provide great aesthetic and practical benefits to New York property owners.

Nicolock Wall Products that We Offer

At Powerhouse Mason Supply, we carry Nicolock’s complete product line – from pavers to wall systems. Nicolock wall systems are actually among our best-selling products. Accordingly, clients may choose from these great wall stone options:

  • Colonial Wall Stones. These wall stones feature a unique interlocking system that allows for easy installation. Their groove connection and integral shear-key features, meanwhile, make it possible to construct them either as a setback or straight up. They are best used for garden walls, fireplaces, seat walls, pillars, retaining walls, and steps.

  • Firma Wall. Firma Wall features a patented tongue and groove locking system that conforms to, virtually, every landscape design plan. It can be used in garden walls, steps, and retaining walls.

  • Serafina Wall. It can be used to build single or two-sided and curved or straight walls for gardens and outdoor spaces. This Nicolock wall system is best used in fire pits, garden walls, waterfalls, and seat walls.

  • Sierra Garden Wall System. This wall product is the perfect option for low-height retaining walls or garden walls. It comes in nine colors and earth tone blends, making it ideal for customization jobs. It is perfect for seat walls, waterfalls, garden walls, and fire pits.

  • Trinity Wall. For heavy-duty applications, this pin-less wall solution is a champ. It features three different reinforcement options in one block alone, which is why many clients favor it for their projects. Trinity Wall is best for garden walls, steps, and retaining walls.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to recreate a slice of Tuscany, Toscana Antiqued Walls are perfect for you. They are a Nicolock masterpiece that can paint scenes of the lush landscape and exciting culture of this Italian region. For more details on our premium wall system products, please call (516) 621-0096 today.