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Cambridge Wallstone

Cambridge Pavers Inc.

As an authorized dealer of Cambridge Pavingstones, we can supply our clients with premium stone products that are not only durable but also meet the aesthetic requirements of their outdoor improvement projects. These products range from hard-wearing pavers to unique wall stone systems. Most contractors, landscapers, and property owners prefer Cambridge wall stone products because of their unique features. They are manufactured as modular and interlocking units so even a DIY-homeowner can install them with ease without the need for complex tools and equipment. Moreover, they come in various design options that can be used in any type of outdoor feature. Meanwhile, here are the wall systems that we carry from Cambridge Pavingstones:

  • Cambridge MaytRx®
  • Cambridge Pyzique®
  • Cambridge Sigma®
  • Cambridge Olde English Wall™
  • Cambridge Ledgestone Wall

Perfect Stones for any Wall Project

With the distinct features of every Cambridge wall stone, you can use it in varied applications in the landscape or outdoor areas. We recommend it as the primary material for freestanding walls, sitting walls, knee walls, retaining walls, tree rings, planters, garden borders, columns, and many other outdoor features. Creating different designs is possible because of the various wall stone collection and color options that can match any landscape design theme. You can create tall or short walls, straight or curved, and serpentine or circular designs by choosing the right wall system.

To make your property stand out, we also recommend Cambridge pavers since they will easily complement any Cambridge wall stone collection. This will create balance and harmony in your landscape and at the same time make it stunningly beautiful.

Choosing the Right Cambridge Wall Stones

Choosing the right Cambridge wall stone system for your outdoor improvement project will be easy if you get it from Powerhouse Mason Supply. We can guide you in identifying the right type of wall stones to use and the designs that will be perfect for your desired theme. We also deliver if you are from Roslyn Heights and surrounding areas. We deliver to all of Long Island and The 5 Boroughs.