Natural Stone Wallstone

Are you aiming for an elegant and natural look for your outdoor wall project? Then choose natural stones. With the right kind of stone, you can surely transform a dull and boring area into a focal point in the outdoors.

Let Powerhouse Mason Supply help you choose the perfect natural stone for your hardscaping project. We have in our inventory premium stones sourced from reputable quarry companies in New York and nearby states. Whether you are a homeowner working on a garden wall or a contractor working on a retaining wall for a public or commercial area, you can always rely on us for your wall stone needs.

Some of our wall stone options include:

  • Pennsylvania Fieldstone. This natural stone comes from the fields and mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. It is preferred by most landscapers and property owners because of its fine characteristics. Available in brown and gray, this sandstone is commonly used for retaining walls and decorative walls.

  • American Granite. This type of granite is well-loved by landscape designers because of its aged and weathered appearance. It comes in different hues such as brown, burgundy, green, black, blue, and other earth tone colors. Accordingly, you may choose from the thick or thin wall stone options.

  • Corinthian Granite. It has medium to coarse grains with a mix of black, pink, green, burgundy, and white. Corinthian granite is an elegant choice for wall projects because some of it has red and quartz crystal speckles that enhance its looks. It is a dense stone so you'll get a durable wall material.

  • Colonial Bluestone. The main characteristic of Colonial bluestone is its irregular shape and symmetrical thickness. It also comes in a variety of colors such as brown, gray, green and blue so customization is easy.

  • South Bay Ledgestone Wall. If you are looking for a visually smooth but heavily textured natural stone, then this should be your choice. This wall stone has a natural blend of colors such as antique white, tan, ice blue, brown and amber.

Powerhouse Mason Supply could also help you in the design of your wall projects. With our extensive knowledge of the various natural stone applications, you will surely have outdoor features that are durable and stunning. Call (516) 621-0096 or visit our showroom in Roslyn Heights.