Liberty Stone Wallstone

Liberty Stone

If you are looking for wall stones with vibrant and rich color tones, then choose Liberty Stone. This company has a great collection of wall stones that will certainly give life to your outdoors. The stones can be used in a variety of applications -- from garden walls to high-rise retaining walls. Property owners can also choose from a wide range of designs that can easily complement any project that they are working on.

Why Choose Liberty Stone Wall Stones?

Wallstone Liberty Stone

Here are some of the many good reasons why Liberty Stone is your best choice for all your hardscaping projects:

  • the company has almost 10 decades of manufacturing experience
  • uses state-of-the-art equipment and modern manufacturing methods
  • durable stone products that can last a lifetime
  • offers a wide range of options -- from colors, textures, sizes, and themes
  • flexibility and ease of installation
  • uses patented technology, including the SecureLug interlock system
  • affordable price

Our Liberty Stone Collection

Wallstone Liberty Stone

Whether you are a contractor, a landscaper, or a DIY homeowner, you can surely find a stone product that will suit your design or project requirements. Some of the wall stone collections from Liberty Stone include:

  • Stone Vista. This wall stone series adds elegance to your outdoor area because of its natural look. It’s double-sided and multi-sized, so it is perfect for various projects, like retaining walls, stairs, terrace patios, and planters. Stone Vista is recommended for both residential and commercial retaining wall projects.

  • Mira Stone. This is one of the most popular wall stones of Liberty Stone. The unit has a hollow core and available in a random split face that resembles weathered rock. Installation of Mira Stone is fast and easy, because it uses the patented SecureLug interlock system.

  • Garden Wall. The natural, textured stone appearance of the Garden Wall units makes them perfect for planter beds, fire features, tree rings, flower boxes, patios, lawn edgings, and sidewalks.

We also carry Vienna Wall, Stone Ledge, Keystone Compact, and the Cornerstone series. Just tell us your design preferences, and we will suggest the best color, texture, and size of the wall stone. Call us at (516) 621-0096.