Granite Steps

Granite Steps

Granite stones possess timeless beauty and durability which make them the primary choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. At Powerhouse Mason Supply, we have all types of granite products that you can buy at competitive prices. We have flagging, railings, and granite steps that will help you complete your hardscaping projects with outstanding results.

Our Granite Steps

It is always our aim to give you the best options for all your hardscaping and masonry projects. And you can enjoy this benefit when it comes to our granite steps. We have various colors and finishes available that will surely match any project design, theme, or application. You can choose from honed, polished, bush-hammered, exfoliated or flamed, brushed, bright etched, and sandblasted. You don’t have to worry if you are looking for a slip-resistant finish for your outdoor project or you need a smooth finish for your indoor steps since we have them in our inventory. We also have different sizes for granite steps so you can get the perfect size for your project. Whether you're working on garden steps or for your elevated patio, we have the right steps for you.

Why Choose our Granite Steps?

It is a fact that durability is an inherent characteristic of granite. However, factors such as where it is quarried and how it is being processed into useful masonry products determine its aesthetic quality. At Powerhouse Mason Supply, we carefully select our suppliers to ensure that our clients can have durable and stunning hardscapes, whether they are contractors, landscapers, or property owners. Since granite steps are virtually maintenance-free and can withstand freeze-thaw cycles, they are actually cheaper to install as compared to other materials like concrete and wood.

Granite Steps Delivery

Powerhouse Mason Supply can deliver granite steps to your project site. We know that you will be delighted with the quality and aesthetic appeal of our granite steps. Call us today.