Cambridge Pavers

Cambridge Pavers Inc.

Paved surfaces that last a lifetime! This is how we describe the products of Cambridge Paving Stones. The company is one of the few family-owned paver producers in the country that can guarantee the quality of its products. The great thing about Cambridge pavers is they are made using a unique technology that preserves the color and integrity of each paver unit. This will result in huge savings on your part since you don't have to worry about frequent replacement and maintenance of your paved areas.

What is Armortec?

Armortec is a technology adopted by Cambridge to ensure that all of their paving stones can last a lifetime. It preserves the vibrant colors of pavers and maintains the smoothness of the paver surface even after years of exposure to elements. With Armortec, your pavers will be protected from wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. This technology makes Cambridge pavers resistant to chipping, snow plowing, and de-icing salts. The pavers are also skidded and slip-resistant, making them the best paving materials for driveways, walkways, outdoor kitchens, garages, courtyards, pool decks, and other outdoor paved surfaces.

Our Range of Cambridge Paving Stones

Cambridge pavers come in a wide range of designs, textures, and colors. Contractors and property owners like you will not run out of options because of the various paver collections available. They are perfect for any design theme or outdoor area. You can choose from:

  • Sherwood Collection
  • Renaissance Collection
  • Round Table Collection
  • Kings Court Collection
  • Excalibur Collection
  • Crusader Collection

Also included in the Cambridge paver collection is the permeable pavement system, which helps reduce stormwater run-off. You can choose Aqua-Bric if you’ll use it for your driveways or choose the Turfstone pavers if you want a greener outdoor area.

Why Get them from Powerhouse Mason Supply?

Cambridge Paving Stones are only sold at authorized dealers in the country. In New York and nearby areas in Roslyn Heights, Powerhouse Mason Supply is one of the few distributors that were given the privilege to offer these premium paver products. If you want to get authentic and quality Cambridge pavers, call us.