Watsontown Bricks



There are a lot of big-name brands offering masonry and landscaping materials, but not all of them can provide the benefits that Watsontown bricks do. And as an authorized dealer of such fine products, we can provide you with your needed bricks to complete your renovation or building projects.

Why Choose Watsontown?

Watsontown Brick Company offers some of the best quality building materials with a wide range of aesthetic and practical benefits. One is its products’ versatility – it has over a dozen brick series that are perfect for various design needs. They come in interesting shapes, such as the bullnose, double bullnose, external octagon, external corner 90 degrees, lip stretcher corner, lip soldier, round nose, and many others. It likewise offers various colors of bricks, such as gray, orange, red, white, pink, tan, brown, and black.

Its products also provide an immense aesthetic boost when handled by an experienced contractor. From rustic appearance to the modern look, it’s possible to render your commercial or residential property the theme that your heart desires. Watsontown bricks are likewise durable materials that can withstand constant exposure to the elements such as rain and snow. They are also easy to install and require very minimal maintenance efforts, hence proving to be very cost-effective.

Authorized Watsontown Distributors

We are authorized distributors of Watsontown brick products. Having access to the premium bricks from Watsontown also means that we’ll have an easy time sourcing the needed materials for your specific project. Whether you want an outdoor fireplace, sitting wall, patio, walkway, garden path, and other outdoor features, we can deliver you quality premium bricks. The best thing about all this is that we have some of the most affordable rates for such specialized materials. So even if you have a small budget to begin with, rest assured that we can make a compromise just to serve you. Call (516) 621-0096 now.