For property owners and landscaping contractors who are looking for great paving solutions, Bradstone has the answer. Bradstone pavers are among the most preferred paving materials in the country and we at Powerhouse Mason Supply are one of their trusted suppliers. Accordingly, we offer some of their finest paving products including:

  • Slate paving. Slate’s natural lilac blend and charcoal shade make it a top option among contractors and property owners who wish to mimic nature in their landscape improvement projects. Bradstone’s slate pavers are ideal for patios, garden paths, walkways, and pool decks.

  • Cobble paving. For those who wish to create an Old World appeal, cobble pavers are the perfect materials to use. They possess a charming appeal that is ideal for garden paths, walkways, patios, and rotundas.

  • Travertine paving. If you love a cool looking patio or terrace, then a travertine paving solution is best for you. Bradstone’s travertine pavers can complement modern-themed properties with a bright and lively color palette.

  • Tile paving. Fancy a Mediterranean look for your patio or garden area? Why not try tile paving from Bradstone? Their tile pavers feature a terracotta shade that exudes a warm and welcoming feeling that you and your family or guests will surely appreciate and enjoy.

  • Wetherdale. Are you a great fan of rustic outdoor features that remind you of quaint rural villages? Wetherdale paving possesses such fine qualities that are characterized by earth tones of brown and buff with a rough finish. It is perfect for garden areas and patios.

If you wish to order Bradstone pavers at different quantities, please call us at (516) 621-0096. We have access to the best paver products from this trusted manufacturer of premium paving materials for residential and commercial properties in New York.

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